Fast WordPress hosting

Fast WordPress hosting

The Fast WordPress Hosting in 2018

We just wanted to give a quick shout out to our Fully Managed web host,

In search of the fast WordPress hosting for your site? You’re in the right place! Here, we’ve outlined the top 5 WordPress hosting platforms available in the market these days and why we went with

Whether you are starting a new business or already have one, speed should not be ignored. It is one of the core things that helps your website reach its peak. Not to mention, it keeps the visitors active. As a small, growing blog, what was critical to us is the ability to scale, this effectively leaves Kinsta and WP Engine as potential hosting partners. WP Engine seemed overly complex in management terms and as we dont have an internal Web team, we dropped them as an option, leaving Kinsta. Kinsta is what all hosts should aim to, but unfortunately, its way outside our price bracket. offers the same performance without the price tag, the only thing you are sacrificing is the “named brand”, but, the proof is in the results, and unless that changes, we see no reason to move.

The demanding task here is this: finding a fast WordPress host that won’t disappoint both your expectations and budget. Some claims to be the best but say otherwise when you tried. So, where you do begin?

Below are five of the best places for hosting a WordPress website that loads quickly.

  1. BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the prominent brands in the market, with fifteen years of experience as a web host. Aside from having an excellent support team and having the dedication to the infrastructure, it also boasts having quicker page load times.

All thanks to its number of great features. The WordPress hosting of BlueHost makes use of VPS technology. This means you won’t have the need to share resources to other sites. Hence, expect a faster load.

  1. SiteGround

Considered as the fastest Cpanel host, SiteGround is best if you have a constrained budget or have a lot of small websites to manage. It is shared hosting and includes plenty of high performing technologies that other hosts lack, such as SSD storage which provides a massive performance that is a boost over physical, older drives, PHP 7, and HTTP/2 which offers better performance.

The custom SG Optimizer plugin is another great feature of SiteGround that allows users to use its caching algorithms.

  1. WPEngine

For complex or Woocommerce sites that need high-quality staging environment, backups, and quicker load times, WPEngine won’t disappoint. Its hosting infrastructure is specifically designed to make sure the WordPress website runs smooth and fast, serving around 25,000 visitors every month.

WPEngine’s high level of PHP optimizations and caching contributes to its fast speed capability. It is one of the most advanced and premium hosts you can find.

  1. Kinsta

Although a bit pricey, Kinsta could help your business attract more visitors and potential clients with its list of outstanding features and above all, faster speed. It utilizes the right technology to make sure your WordPress site will load blazingly quickly, including PHP 7, NGINX, MariaDB, and LXD containers.

Putting all of these technologies will result in an amazingly quick page load times. In fact, it recorded a worldwide score average of 36.4 ms.

  1. InMotion Hosting

Also holds the fastest WordPress hosting in a shared hosting environment. What’s more, it is an inexpensive and excellent provider. The web host makes use of high-quality SSD servers with caching and PHP optimization.

This features unlimited email accounts, free data backups, two websites on a single account, unlimited disk space, free domain registration, and free no-downtime site transfers. Another impressive thing, InMotion hosting doesn’t require you to install it in a separate manner since it already comes with WordPress that is pre-installed.

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