How Mediation Helped Our Family

How Mediation Helped Our Family

If you have just split up and you are getting a divorce, you have been separated for a while or dissolving a civil partnership. You may need to sort out proper arrangements with your ex and other family members.

Family Mediation-What is it Really?

Family mediation happen when a professionally trained and independent mediator helps to divorce couples to work on agreements regarding issues like:

·         Payments of child maintenance

·         Arrangements for the kids after the break-up which  are sometimes referred to as residence or contract or custody

·         Finances like what to do with pensions, debts, savings and the house

Mediation can be helpful when the arrangements you have made before the need to be altered especially as the children grow up. In case you go into court to settle the issues, it will be the judge who will make the decision and couples need to stick into these decisions regardless if they feel happy or unhappy about these.

Mediation can help you remain in control, and nobody will ever make you do things that are against your will. The mediator helps in finding solutions that work for both parties involved and will explain how they can make agreements legally binding.

A judge usually expects that you have already considered mediation prior to applying to court and hearing your case. They can actually refuse to listen to your particular case until you’ve accomplished this. Most individuals who begin mediation usually reach an agreement without having to go to court. If you wanted to end a civil partnership or marriage formally, you’d need to apply in court to do this, but usually, you will not have to attend hearings.

How Mediation Helps Family?

Mediation helps couples negotiate arrangements for their future with the aid of a neutral third-party. This is a means of assisting families to reach an agreement that takes into account all their interests, concerns and needs along with the requirements of their children. An affordable and accessible process, mediation helps families end up with fair agreements.

Mediation is actually not:

·         Reconciliation

·         Therapy or counseling

·         A substitute for legal recommendation or advice

Does Family Mediation Really Work?

Many families using mediation have been able to resolve most of their problems. A high percentage of families involved in family mediation successfully overcome and solve their issues through the process of mediation. Mediation can also save family time, money and stress resulting in good resolutions tailored explicitly to the needs of the family.

Reasons to Use Family Mediation

This process is proven to be less expensive and less stressful as compared to formal dispute resolution options like the court process. Nobody knows the family and the children’s unique needs better than couples themselves. Mediation enables families to make their own arrangements instead of handing power over an unknown decision maker having legal authority.

When the kids are involved, the former spouses continue having a co-parenting relationship even after separation or divorce. Mediation is also known to help in creating better communication channels and establish an appropriate and new relationship. 


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