My Builder Has Not Delivered the Job I Was Expecting Can I Mediate

My Builder Has Not Delivered the Job I Was Expecting Can I Mediate

 Builders and clients business relationships are common these days. Since individuals have lots of building projects that need to be accomplished and here and there, the service and assistance of reliable and experienced builders have become highly in demand. However, not all business relationships or business-client connections go smooth sailing. There are certain instances that problems arise between them.

If the builder has not delivered the job you are expecting, you can either mediate or complain if you are unhappy with the building works delivered. There are ways on how to do it such as:

  • Contacting the Builder or the Decorator


When you know there’s an issue, contact the decorator or builder and clarify your circumstance. If you contact the builder, it’s a smart idea to follow up with a letter. The letter ought to affirm the issue, what has been agreed upon and what to be done and when unless it has been agreed upon that the issues or tasks will be dealt upon in the next few days.


Keep in mind that where trader ensures their work for a set timeframe, that certification did not really affect your legal rights to have works completed with skills and reasonable care utilizing materials with guaranteed quality, as fit and described for the purpose. Traders will not have the capacity to claim that you cannot get a repair on any type of work that you find below the standard after your guarantee period is already over.


  • Agree on a Particular Date To Finish Work


Reach out and contact your builder or developer once more if no one turns up even when they say they would. Regardless of whether they have a valid justification for not turning up, agree in a final date by which the work must be finished. The decorator or the builder might be busy, but they have broken their agreement with you so they should do remedial work as needed.


  • Set the Final Deadline to Resolve the Problem


If the due date passes or if the builder did nothing to settle the issue, set them a last due date for doing and completing necessary works. Clarify that in the event that they neglect to meet the due date you’ll get another person to do it and you will be the cost back from them.


Enclose estimates and quotes that you have acquired from different manufacturers so that your contracted builder can perceive the amount you will be claiming if they will not put the problem correctly.


  • Find Dispute Resolution Scheme


If the builder still does not respond, you should check whether they are a member of the trade association as there might be dispute resolutions scheme that you can use. You can directly ask the builder whether he participates in dispute resolution schemes. These schemes are either independent organization or independent person who looks at the problem and tries to find the right solutions. One of the significant advantages is that you will avoid the high cost of pursuing such a builder in court.


  • Collect Evidence and Claim Costs


If taking court actions is necessary, you can go for it. The steps that the parties should consider prior to going to court will be set out. In some state, these steps are set out Ministry of Justice Practice Direction on Pre-action Conduct. Think of the evidence you need in order to prove your claim. Taking for instance pictures of poor workmanship or you might need to obtain a written detailed report on the work completed by the builder.


If possible, this must be a person you both agree has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to do the assessment of issues and to figure out what is actually necessary to put things right. When the builder has successfully and satisfactorily completed the job, you can write a letter addressed to original builder claiming money that you have spent and detailing the works that have been done.

These ways may not work equally on everyone so it will still depend on certain factors depending on the circumstances. If you are still in need of clearer insights to give you a better grasp in situations like builders who have not delivered the job you are expecting, can you mediate; you can search online for more guiding details.


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