Should I Ask The Builder For A Party Wall Agreement?

Should I Ask The Builder For A Party Wall Agreement?         

Do you want to have a building work but concerned with the legalities of the surrounding party wall agreements? Then, you must ask your builder for a party wall agreement. When you have planned for home renovations and extensions, you must adhere to the party wall act. But what is a party wall act?

What is the Party Wall Act?

Before you proceed to your home renovations, you must be familiar with the party wall act. This act covers joined walls between terraced houses, semi-detached structures like floors between maisonettes and flats. It also includes garden boundary walls. It can also cover excavations within 3 to 6 meters of the boundary because the foundations must have an impact according to the depth.

What are the works covered by the party wall agreement?

The collective rights granted are the following:

  • Demolishing and rebuilding the party wall
  • Cutting into the wall for bearing of a beam or inserting a damp proof course or flashings
  • To underpin the thickness of the party wall
  • To increase the height of the wall or boost the width of the party wall
  • Minor work like drilling to hang shelves, adding new sockets or switches

Failing to observe the party wall act

When you fail to observe the part wall act, it is not an offense. However, your neighbor can take a civil action against you. They can also issue an injunction to stop the work unless a party wall agreement is set. The most significant disadvantage of this is that your project can be delayed which can increase your costs. Moreover, your builder can also demand compensation for the time that they don’t have work.

Well, if you don’t want that to happen, you must ask the builder for a party wall agreement, so that both parties will not suffer from possible problems that may arise in the future. When you fail to comply with the party wall agreement, your neighbor can demand compensation especially if they suffer from loss because of the work. They can also demand to remove the work. Therefore, you must observe the party wall act to avoid regrets in the end.

Complying with the act

When the building has an impact on the party structure, you must have a notice at least two months before you begin your renovation project. In the case of excavations, you are required to have a one month notice. You can only start the work when the agreement was made.

You are required to need to all of your adjoining neighbors, state your name and address, a full work description and the address of the property and date of starting the work in the agreement. You must also include a declaration that it is a Party Wall Notice under the provisions of the Act.

Issuing a written party wall notice

Before you release a notice, you must talk to your neighbors regarding your plan. Make sure that they will clearly understand your plans to avoid disputes in some future time. You can serve the notice through writing to them with a contact number and full details included.

You can also offer them details about the Party Wall Act to have an easy and peaceful agreement. It will help you to get their consent to begin your renovation project.

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